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Welcome to Utopia Centre

A life long dream became a reality when Utopia opened on the 5th of September 2014, after a lot of deliberations, plans, organizing.There was no place, centre or school to accommodate children with autism and other disabilities, where they could learn the skills they need in life to cope in this world. Since Utopia started there has never been a dull moment!

The directors remain active students and attends meetings, seminars and conferences regularly. They keep abreast of the latest literature, research, articles, reports and publications in thespecial need / disorders and disability field. Therefor they try to upgrade and adapt the Utopia program as needed. We see a way when no one does or want to try, cause with faith, love, patience, play and humorall things are possible! Everybody deserve a chance!” To help kids and young adults realizing they're worth something and can do the things they have always wondered about is priceless and very fulfilling!

Together with the help of others and the community the future looks great! And with God, two positive moms, trying kids and a willing and open hand of our community nothing can stand in our way!

Logo Meaning

*Utopia - Greek word meaning “good place”
Puzzle - There’s a lot of questions about our kids, the disorder and disability but we put all the pieces together and find the answers that matter.
Puzzle fading - The disorder or disability fades for us we choose to see the person.
Spiral with heart - Life sometimes spins out of control for the person with the disability or disorder and the
family but together we can turn the confusion into love.
Coloured fingers - There’s many disorders and disability but it still stays fingers - people need to realise, even a disabled or special needs person is still a person!
Secret message -  "Love u" We will and do love all our kids and everyone of them deserves to feel love and wanted and able!